Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms, our tool is capable of reviewing:

- Chest Radiograph,
- Chest CT scan
- Head CT scan
- Electrocardiograph (EKG)

The solution is directly integrated into PACS, RIS or EMR systems,  and, within seconds, an automatized analysis of exams makes it possible to sort patient lists by clinical priority instead of sorting them on a first-in/first-out basis. Thus, our technology allows patients with abnormal results and potentially more urgent findings to be prioritized. 

trIA introduces specialized medical expertise to the entire ecosystem of health professionals

Our system indicates abnormal signs in the exams, enhancing the ability of care, enhancing hospital staff’s ability to interpret and diagnose such exams. 

The solution classifies and locates findings, reducing the possibility of false-negative results thus assisting in the process of making clinical decisions.

trIA in emergency unit environment

With trIA, the queue and screening of patients has technology as a powerful ally. Based on the exam results, even before a doctor sees the image, the worklist is automatically sorted, significantly reducing time to treatment.

trIA in the online medical report environment

The solution guarantees that the all critical exams will be prioritized when medical reports are issued, and not only the exams marked as critical by the care unit. With trIA, a doctor is also capable to create a personalized and intelligent queue according to the pathology, increasing productivity within their sub-specialty.


Our solutions operate as APIs and may be implemented quickly as everything is extensively documented.

After receiving exams as a DICOM file, PNG and /or PDF, trIA makes all data anonymous according to Local Privacy Laws, and, within seconds, generates results for each exam. This analysis may promptly be accessed in the hospital´s current system via API or through the NeuralMed online portal.

Yes, as Simple as That.

1. Definition of integration

Alignment between the hospital staff and NeuralMed teams concerning how data will be sent and returned

2. Integration Test

NeuralMed follows the first exams sent and the data sent back, according to the integration manual, revealing the first results

3. Reports

Take immediate advantage of exams analyzed through AI in your service workflow

Artificial Intelligence
for the whole staff

NeuralMed trIA

trIA makes the process of reviewing an exam easier

AI based automatic review of X Ray, CT-Scan, and EKG exams yields a worklist of medical reports sorted by criticality or normalcy, improving the service workflow. More than that: by identifying the likelihood of critical findings creates a greater backup which makes decision making more assertive.

NeuralMed trIA

trIA: sorting your worklist

The solution guarantees that patients with critical findings prioritized, increasing the chance of a positive outcome and making service workflow more efficient.

trIA: providing efficient backup

trIA increases assertiveness in clinical conduct when facing radiology or cardiology exams, even when specialist doctors are not available, allowing for an easier decision-making process.

NeuralMed trIA

trIA: sorting the Emergency Department workflow

In real time, patient exams are reviewed and a new worklist is created based on how critical the patient is. Thus, critical patients are seen first, revolutionizing service protocols.

NeuralMed trIA

trIA: minimizing costs

By optimizing service time and medical resolutions with Artificial Intelligence, the solution benefits efficiency in the workflow both for ER as well as in Telemedicine, consistently minimizing the cost per service.


trIA: benefitting service quality in the ER

Hospitals benefitting from Artificial Intelligence provide patients with a more humanized experience, reducing wait time and increasing the chances of positive medical outcomes.